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The goal of our Student Ministries is to get "out of the boat" and move "into His WATER." We want everyone involved in our ministries to have an understanding and love of their Creator and Savior. Programs in our ministry exist to move closer to this goal. Our hope is you (or your child, youth, young adult) will find something here that meets your/their needs.



Student Ministries are Directed by Tad Hunt and a wonderful team of volunteers who help to make ministry programs possible.


Youth Ministries Mission:

Worshiping our Creator together

Applying God's truths to our daily lives

Teaching one another about God's love

Embracing one another in Biblical fellowship

Reaching those who do not know Christ


Lauren, Shelby and Makenna helping to hand out shampoo and personal care items at the Center for People in Need.

Emma and Shannon staffing the house wares section at the Center for People in Need.