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 What is God putting before your spirit each and every day? Whatever it is, the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Foundation can help you ceate a lasting legacy.

The primary responsibility of the Foundation Board is to administer funds received and make recommendations to the Session on expenditures. We also ask for contributions and bequests on behalf of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. Did you know you can contribute to any ministry within Good Shepherd Church through the foundation? A lasting legacy starts with the passion of one person for a certain ministry. As others catch that passion, that ministry can remain vital for generations to come through sharing gifts by way of the Foundation.

Save taxes, make your ministry count, and experience the joy that comes from responding in faith to create a legacy.

We have a lot of information on this page we hope will be useful to you. We have highlighted some of them below.


If you have questions about Foundation Funds and/or how to donate to them, please refer to the article titled, Foundation Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are making plans for your estate, the Presbyterian Foundation has created some very informative brochures. We have a copy of one here titled, Composing a Legacy.

Gifting Appreciated Stock, will help answer questions about donating stock to GSPC which can also be used to fulfill your pledge to the church. The form, Gifting Stock Process, will walk you through this process.

You can donate money from your IRA directly to the church and avoid paying taxes on the withdrawal. In accordance with the Taxpayer Relief Act you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your Individual Retirement Account and this donation will not count as taxable income for the year it was withdrawn.

We have created an example letter, IRA Distribution Letter, you can tailor to your needs by replacing the information highlighted in red with your specific inforation, then send it to your plan administrator. We also created an example letter. IRA Gift Notification Letter, by following the same procedure and seding it to GSPC which directs GSPC how you want your donation distributed.

We will soon be adding more information about estate planning. Please revisit this site from time to time for additional information.

If you have any question about donating to the church you would like answered, please call the church office and ask to have a Foundation Board member contact you.



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Composing a Legacy

Gifting Appreciated Stock

Gifting Stock Process

IRA Distribution Letter pdf

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IRA Gift Notification Letter pdf

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